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Buffer Overflow

Jan 5, 2021

Show Notes

Buffer Overflow: Something WILL Happen?
Episode 191
2021 Predictions Episode!


Ned Bellavance
Chris Hayner, Delivery Manager
Kimberly DeFilippi, Project Manager, Business Analyst
Brenda Heisler, ISG Operations

Longer Topics

Ned’s Predictions

  • Zoom is acquired by Oracle
  • Nutanix will go private
  • RISC V chip architectures will rise in popularity
  • Migration out of Silicon Valley will accelerate
  • First fully-autonomous taxi service will go into operation

Chris’ Predictions

  • Ready Patient One - Continued growth of telemedicine (and telemedicine tools) well after the pandemic is past
  • Major (and meaningful) advances in electric vehicles and power generation
  • SOMETHING big will happen to one of the major tech companies

Brenda’s Predictions

  • One of the major movie theater chains will declare bankruptcy
  • A new country will join the race back to the Moon
  • Bitcoin will continue to climb in the first half of 2021, but will plummet in the second half as things become more secure and begin to return to normal
  • The year of the union in tech giants

Kim’s Predictions

  • More families will ask for virtual and hybrid options for school
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) market will grow and become more competitive
  • Education will involve more gaming

Music Credits

Intro: Jason Shaw - Tech Talk
Outro: Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B
🔊 👉 #BufferOverflow